hidden masturbation
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Which of the hidden/stealth masturbation and sex toy tags apply.
clothed fixed_toy -stealth_sex -stealth_masturbation -enhibitionism -behind_the_counter -under_table -sex_toy_under_clothing
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
sex_toy_under_clothing sex_toy_under_clothing
behind_the_counter behind_the_counter
under_table under_table
enhibitionism enhibitionism
remote controlled vibrator remote_controlled_vibrator
  1. public masturbation: masturbation in public
  2. stealth masturbation: Masturbation that takes place in/near the presence of others who are unaware of it.
  3. hidden vibrator: a concealed vibrator
  4. sex toy under clothing: Quite simply having a sex toy inserted under clothing, may be concealed.
  5. remote controlled vibrator: a vibrator controlled via an external device.