Taur Humanoid Mix-up
by genjar 103 Contributions
Remove mistagged human/humanoid from taurs.
taur ~human ~humanoid -duo -group -transformation -human_on_taur -humanoid_on_taur -anthro_on_taur -multiple_images -human_taur
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Mistagged as human human human_penetrating human_penetrated
Mistagged as humanoid humanoid humanoid_penetrating humanoid_penetrated mammal_humanoid animal_humanoid
Mistagged as taur taur spider_taur arthropod_taur arachnid_taur
Missing 'duo' duo
Missing 'group' group
Missing 'humanoid taur' humanoid_taur
Missing 'multiple images' multiple_images

Taurs are their own body type category, and should not be tagged as human / humanoid / anthro.

In most cases the humanoid tag should be replaced with humanoid_taur, which is for taurs that have humanoid upper bodies.