Clarifying cross popping vein posts
by tsukemono 506 Contributions
Do these cross-popping vein posts have other veiny parts?
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
cross-popping_vein cross-popping_vein vein
veiny penis veiny_penis cross-popping_vein
veiny muscles veiny_muscles cross-popping_vein
veiny balls veiny_balls cross-popping_vein
veiny breasts veiny_breasts cross-popping_vein

Vein: A real vein; prominent/visible veins on a character's body, not limited to their genitalia. If a real vein is present, select the body part the vein is on. Example

Cross popping veins: Not a real vein; Iconography used to express pent-up anger or irritation. Example

There are instances of real veins that are also cross-popping_veins. If you see a post with them, only tag the other veiny body parts. Example