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bow disambiguation wip
leg pose wip
Is this Shiira a cheetah or leopard Shiira from beastars is usually drawn as a leopard or cheetah, but is often missing the tag.
Internal vs other tags wip
lopunny is not a rabbit wip
Chibi vs young Is this character young, cub, or mature?
Clarifying cross popping vein posts Do these cross-popping vein posts have other veiny parts?
Patreon Blacklist Is there Patreon branding or is the website shown? Does it cover part of the image? Is there a URL in the image?
facial piercing types Adding specific facial piercing types to posts lacking them.
Project Comments Is this dock a pier? tsukemono said 3 years ago #30

This was my first try at making a project. I removed it after making all the pier/dock edits manually.