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What kind of wings are present?
wings -leaf_wings -energy_wings -flaming_wings -cosmic_wings -furred_wings -feathered_wings -insect_wings -lepidopteran_wings -membranous_wings -mechanical_wings -bone_wings
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
feathered_wings feathered_wings
membranous_wings membranous_wings
insect_wings insect_wings
lepidopteran_wings lepidopteran_wings
furred_wings furred_wings
cosmic_wings cosmic_wings
energy_wings energy_wings
flaming_wings flaming_wings
leaf_wings leaf_wings
bone_wings bone_wings

Add the missing tags, that fit to the wings.

Don't add any tags, if you can't tell what the wings are made of. e.g. for birds if they are far away. Even though you know they should be made of feathers