Disentangling all_fours and quadruped
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Are they on all fours or are they a quadruped?
all_fours ~quadruped ~feral -doggystyle -human -humanoid -anthro -biped -transformation -comic
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Only Quadrupeds on 4 Legs feral quadruped all_fours
Add Biped biped
No Quadrupeds quadrupeds

One common tagging mistake is that the all_fours tag is applied to a quadruped when it should only be applied to characters who usually walk on 2 legs. To disentangle these tags choose one of the following:

  1. Only Quadrupeds: If only quadrupeds are on four legs then all_fours cannot_apply.
  2. Add Biped: if the image contains a character who walks primarily on two legs.
  3. No Quadrupeds: no characters are quadrupeds.

If we get through these cases I'll change the query to: all_fours feral -anthro -avian -human -humanoid -quadruped -biped -transformation -comic -pokemon

1 Comment tittybitty said 4 years ago #11

I re-read the all_fours wiki and realized it only said that all_fours didn't need to be tagged on quadrupeds, not that it shouldn't be. So the tagging done by this project isn't problematic, but it was largely unnecessary.