Anthro Humanoid Mix-up
by genjar 892 Contributions
Untag humanoid from anthros
anthro humanoid -group -duo -transformation -multiple_images -multiple_scenes -sequence -picture_in_picture
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Mistagged humanoid humanoid alien_humanoid animal_humanoid arthropod_humanoid avian_humanoid bovid_humanoid bovine_humanoid canid_humanoid canine_humanoid caprine_humanoid cat_humanoid dragon_humanoid felid_humanoid feline_humanoid fish_humanoid fox_humanoid goat_humanoid insect_humanoid lagomorph_humanoid lemur_humanoid lepidopteran_humanoid leporid_humanoid mammal_humanoid marine_humanoid mephitid_humanoid mouse_humanoid murid_humanoid murine_humanoid primate_humanoid procyonid_humanoid rabbit_humanoid raccoon_humanoid reptile_humanoid rodent_humanoid scalie_humanoid shark_humanoid skunk_humanoid snake_humanoid wolf_humanoid humanoidized humanoid_penetrated humanoid_penetrating muscular_humanoid overweight_humanoid
Mistagged anthro anthro anthrofied anthro_penetrated anthro_penetrating anthro_on_anthro muscular_anthro
Missing 'duo' duo
Missing 'group' group
Missing 'multiple images' multiple_images

Anthro - Anthropomorphic animals. Humanoid - Human-like creatures with minimal or no animal features.

These should never be tagged for the same character, outside of transformation and other such sequences. Single creature should be either anthro or humanoid, not both.

2 Comments genjar said 4 years ago #7

Hm. There's so many possible *_humanoid tags to be removed that this project doesn't quite work. Even with just the common ones, the list ends up so long that the image itself is barely visible...

bitWolfy said 4 years ago #8

Fixed the issue with the tag list expanding into eternity.

I could probably add wildcard support to removed tags, so you could just put *_humanoid in there, and it would remove all tags that match it.