Male Weight Class
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Which weight class do these character fall under?
~male ~andromorph -female -skinny -athletic -muscular -musclegut -slightly_chubby -overweight -obese
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Athletic athletic
Muscular muscular
Musclegut musclegut
Slightly Chubby slightly_chubby
Overweight overweight
Obese obese
Skinny skinny

Skinny: A body-type where a character lacks some muscle and body fat. Seems to be the middle between both Lithe and Toned body-types. Skinny characters are usually depicted with slim builds, almost no excess fat, or any significant amount of muscle on their bodies.

Athletic: This tag is used for when a character in an image or animation is in good shape, but not covered in muscles. In general, it's meant for characters who are obviously somewhat athletic and in shape, but not chiseled or bulky. Can be described as what is traditionally known as a "swimmer's body."

Muscular: When a character has any level of musculature above athletic. These characters are commonly stocky.

Musclegut: Similar to abs, this tag is used to describe characters with chubby or fat stomachs who have defined and sizeable musculature. In practice, it works as muscular + slightly_chubby or muscular + overweight.

Slightly_Chubby: A little thick here and there. Maybe a small "gut" but the majority of the body structure is fairly similar to a non-chubby person.

Overweight: This tag is really hard to define, but it shouldn't go past "Santa fat".

Obese: Small rolls in the places you would expect. Fat in torso still shouldn't go past the shoulders in most cases.

1 Comment tittybitty said 4 years ago #21

It would be helpful to have the wiki descriptions in the tagging guidelines I, and likely many others, have a hard time remembering things like the difference between muscular and athletic.