Money Tags
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Do any of these money related tags apply?
~money ~$ ~dollar_sign ~price ~price_tag ~coin ~money_bag -criminal -for_sale -prostitution -tipping -treasure -waiter -stripper -gun -gambling -mob_boss
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
prostitution prostitution
tipping tipping
criminal criminal
waiter waiter
stripper stripper
gambling gambling
  1. prostitution: when money is exchanged for sexual acts
  2. tipping: when a voluntary payment is given, received, or solicited
  3. for_sale: when ownership of a character is bought or sold, often a case of slavery, does not apply if only sex acts are being bought or sold (see prostitution)
  4. treasure: times of great value such as gold and jewels
  5. criminal: one who has committed a crime
  6. waiter: one who serves food or drink
  7. stripper: erotic dancers who incorporate the removal of their clothing into their routine
  8. gambling: when money or something of value is conditioned on a contest of chance or ability.
2 Comments bitWolfy said 4 years ago #9

Please, do not reuse existing projects for a new purpose. This creates confusion in the list of changes, as the list of changes now has one project making different sets of changes.

tittybitty said 4 years ago #10

I began this project to fill in tags related to money. I later reused the project to tag missing character genders. I have done my best to restore the original query and tag options. As best I can tell this state represents between 2/3rds and 3/4ths of the changes made under the project.