Penis humanoid or animal
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Humanoid penis humanoid_penis
Canine penis canine_penis
  1. Human penis: mushroom head, frenulum, foreskin, no sheath
  2. Canine penis: pointy head, knot, some separation between knot and body
  3. ??? Are there other forms of fuck-stick?
2 Comments dubsthefox said 2 years ago #43

cervine_penis (deer, moose, elk) equine_penis (horse, zebra, donkey) feline_penis (cats) cetacean_penis (dolphin, whale, orca) ridged_penis/(ribbed_penis (smoother))(dragons, mythical creatures) spiral_penis (pigs, ducks) bovine_penis (cattle, bison, buffalo) ursine_penis (bears)

These are the most commons on e621. But there are several more

zoop said 2 years ago #45

Made a more detailed version of this here