public inside vs outside
by Crocogator 416 Contributions
Is the public location inside or outside?
public -inside -outside -inside_vehicle -simple_background -abstract_background
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Inside inside
Outside outside
Not public public
Inside vehicle inside_vehicle
abstract bg abstract_background
simple bg simple_background
window view out -> in outside_looking_in
window view in -> out inside_looking_out

Tag whether the viewpoint is inside or outside. For example, what you can see through a window is completely irrelevant. What matters is whether the viewpoint is inside or outside.

If the background is too ambiguous to tell (example: it's a pool, and there's no way to tell whether it's an indoor pool or outdoor pool), you can skip.

Even if you can tell if the light source is artificial indoor lighting or sunlight, if you can't actually make out any of the objects in the background, it's likely better just to tag simple_background and/or abstract_background or skip, rather than tagging inside or outside. Keep in mind that the people searching for inside or outside are likely doing so to try to avoid simple and abstract backgrounds.

1 Comment Crocogator said 1 month ago #62

Is the general consensus that inside_vehicle counts as inside? If so, I'll have that option add inside as well.