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public inside vs outside Is the public location inside or outside?
Implied masturbation Add the penis tag to pictures of male masturbation
chastity removal Using this to remove chastity_disambiguation from posts that are already tagged with a chastity device
Inside Outside Tagging inside and outside
Chastity Disambiguation Cleanup Removing the chastity disambiguation tag, and adding the more specific intended term
Free use Public Use Separate free use from public use
Orgasm from oral clean-up Why am I required to fill this out if I can set this to private anyways?
Project Comments public inside vs outside Crocogator said 1 month ago #62

Is the general consensus that inside_vehicle counts as inside? If so, I'll have that option add inside as well.

Orgasm from oral clean-up bitWolfy said 3 years ago #31

You are required to fill this out because unlisted projects are still available via a direct link. And a link to the project is included in the description of every edit you make using this tool.

If you can't even be bothered to write a single sentence summarizing a project, then what are you even doing here?