What kind of oral?
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Many images are tagged oral, but not specific on the type of oral being performed. So what type of oral is being done in the image?
oral -fellatio -cunnilingus -rimming -ball_lick -bulge_lick -penetration_lick -penis_lick -knot_lick -sheath_lick -deep_throat -irrumatio -face_mounting -tonguejob -autofellatio -autocunnilingus -autorimming -tentacle_in_mouth
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Mouth x Pussy (not own) cunnilingus
Mouth x Inactive penis (not own) fellatio
Active penetrator irrumatio
Mouth x Anus rimming
Licking (pls manually add type) licking
Deep throat deep_throat
Mainly penis thrust into mouth face_fucking
Head back x Deep penis thrust throat_swabbing
Face mounting face_mounting
Mouth x Own penis autofellatio

There are too many types of oral to have in the tag choices, so you may need to skip ones, or add them manually.

Oral is the act of using one's mouth to stimulate the genitals, or anus, of another.

Manual tags for copy pasting:

General: oral_knotting, snout_fuck, autotonguejob

Cunnilingus: collaborative_cunnilingus, autocunnilingus

Fellatio: double_fellatio, collaborative_fellatio, sex_toy_fellatio

Rimming: deep_rimming, autorimming

Licking: ball_lick, bulge_lick, penetration_lick, penis_lick, knot_lick, sheath_lick

Positions: 69_position, spitroast

1 Comment DefinitelyNotAFurry4 said 7 months ago #56

If anyone sees problems with any of my descriptions, let me know. Most of it is lifted from the wiki, but I'm not even gonna lie, the wiki does contradict itself several times, I tried to explain it as best as I could.

Also, the options might need some changing, in my experience, these were the most common that came up.