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Add missing 'not_furry' tags
-anthro -feral -taur -animal_humanoid -not_furry
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Not furry not_furry
Missing 'animal humanoid' animal_humanoid
Missing 'anthro' anthro
Missing 'feral' feral
missing 'taur' taur

not_furry should be tagged for all posts that don't feature any anthros, ferals, taurs, or animal humanoids.

These posts are either missing the not_furry tag, or body type tags.

3 Comments tittybitty said 4 years ago #22

Can you please add -not_furry to the search?

Catt0s_0fTheNight said 4 years ago #25

tittybitty said:
Can you please add -not_furry to the search? I will clone it to make it

jeveasy17 said 4 years ago #27

In fact, I just posted an image and forgot to add that tag, thanks for reminding me