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Glasses features wip
Whisker colors What color are the whiskers?
tsaoshin digital_painting_(artwork) Is it a digital painting?
Kaim is a kit fox (unless alternate species) Is Kaim depicted as a kit fox or an alternate species?
Pokemon with flaming_tail Is a flaming tail visible in the image?
Shaymin form Is the shaymin land form or sky form in the image?
Yoshi color tagging What color is the yoshi?
Simple or detailed background Is the background simple or detailed?
Inside or outside setting Is the detailed_background depicting an inside or outside location?
Blush colors What color is the blush?
Asriel is a boss monster Is he a boss monster or an alternate species?
Frisk is a human Is Frisk a human in this post?
Model_sheet -color_swatch Does it have color swatches?
What medium was the art made with? Is the art digital or traditional?
Character_name -text always add text
Ref sheet text + other features Is there text? Color swatches? Character name?
Shading type (model_sheet) Flat colored, cel shaded, soft shaded, or uncolored?
Shading type What type of shading does the image use?
Shaded flat-colored or uncolored (monochrome)? Is the image shaded, flat-colored, or uncolored (monochrome)?
Bea Santello is a crocodilian is enough of Bea depicted to tag the post with crocodilian?
Mae Borowski is a cat is enough of Mae depicted to tag the post with domestic_cat?
duo + duo_focus Is the image duo or duo_focus?
Nipple colors What color are the nipples?
Changes: 12879
Shading type (model_sheet) 1550
What medium was the art made with? 929
Fox species 866
Yoshi color tagging 779
Blush colors 777
Asriel is a boss monster 640
Shaded flat-colored or uncolored (monochrome)? 566
Ref sheet text + other features 562
Shading type (warrior cats) 392
Bea Santello is a crocodilian 344
tsaoshin digital_painting_(artwork) 299
Model_sheet -color_swatch 291
Nipple colors 253
Inside or outside setting 251
Mae Borowski is a cat 246
Frisk is a human 213
legoshi and haru sizes 200
duo + duo_focus 199
Dialogue and language 198
Simple or detailed background 193
Glasses features 186
Judy and Nick sizes 182
Shading type 169
Kaim is a kit fox (unless alternate species) 163
Eevee is not eeveelution 134
Pussy Colors 124
Sabertooth (Disambiguation) 118
Character_name -text 112
Clouds in the Sky 110
Shaymin form 102
Pokemon with flaming_tail 100
Hoodie Colors 78
blender_(software) 76
Mistagged cow anthro-humanoid 69
Missing Detailed Backgrounds 66
Character Count Tags (light) 65
Pencil (Disambiguation) 60
Non-furry (Catt0s 0fTheNight) 59
Muzzle (Disambiguation) 56
Character Count Tags (modified) 51
Character Count Tags (Elder Scrolls) 48
Pokemorphs 47
Pawpad Colors 47
Biped & Quadruped Tagging 46
Tails Disambiguation 45
translation tags 41
nipple tagging 40
Whisker colors 33
Sex toy penetration disambiguation 31
Add Cutie Mark Tag 30
What is presented? 30
More specific monochrome (on white) 28
Breast Grab or Holding Breast 26
Thong Colors 26
Disembodied Erections 23
Clarifying cross popping vein posts 22
lopunny is not a rabbit 22
dipstick tails 20
Albino Traits 17
disembodied_penis may not be human 16
Thigh High Colors 16
Collar Only 16
Monochrome Or Colored 15
Non-mammalian Balls 14
add missing tongue tags 14
Other Penis Features 13
Dildo colors 13
digiphilia 12
Pool disambiguation 12
Dragon Types 12
Body Type Cleanup Female 12
Patreon 11
Footjob on dick or pussy? 10
Interspecies vs Intraspecies 10
wings_clean_up 10
Lying Disambiguation 10
Fisting clean up 10
Multi head head count 9
Character Count Tags 9
Masturbation types 9
crossgender characters 9
Patreon Catt0s 0fTheNight 9
Character Genders (Caroway) 9
Catt0s Stuff 9
Is Diaper worn 8
Scalie Dragons 8
equine genitalia 8
Masturbating with catch condom 7
Penis humanoid or animal 7
Leg Count 7
populating monotone_fur 7
What is penetrating what? 6
Twintails disambiguation 6
Urine 6
kinds of dice 6
piercing types 5
Detailed Penis Features 5
dipstick ears 4
anthro penetrating anthro 4
Leggings or Stockings 4
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