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Name Description Changes
Pussy Colors What color is the pussy? 507
Pool disambiguation A project to replace pool_(disambiguation) with the correct tag 244
Pawpad Colors What color(s) are the character's pawpads? 2348
Character Count Tags (light) How many characters are present in the scene? 26509
Dildo colors what is the color of the dildo 627
Hoodie Colors What color hoodie is the character wearing? 292
Sweater Colors What color sweater is the character wearing? 172
Biped & Quadruped Tagging Project to add missing biped and quadruped tags. 1671
Glove Colors What color gloves is the character wearing? 564
Thong Colors What color thong is the character wearing? 397
Thigh Sock Colors What color thigh socks is the character wearing? 29
Nipple colors What color are the nipples? 479
Thigh High Colors What color thigh highs is the character wearing? 168
blender_(software) Is there an indication for the blender software? 271
Multi head head count Posts with multi_head without a number of heads tagged 1490
What is presented? What is the character presenting? 640
Is this Shiira a cheetah or leopard Shiira from beastars is usually drawn as a leopard or cheetah, but is often missing the tag. 5
Dialogue and language Adding a language that goes with the dialogue 20790
Clarifying cross popping vein posts Do these cross-popping vein posts have other veiny parts? 506
Futa sackless Does the futa have balls? 402
Untagged Multiple Prey Is this scene missing the multiple_prey tag? 263
Character Count Tags (modified) How many characters are present in the scene? 17220
Add milk or unusual_lactation to lactating characters Is this character lactating milk or something else? 721
Fox species Which fox species is in the picture? 1105
Masturbation types Adding vaginal, anal, penile and more masturbation types to posts lacking them. 1850
piercing types Adding specific piercing types to posts lacking them. 3128
VR Disambiguation What does this post feature that made it get the VR tag? 68
Non-furry (Catt0s 0fTheNight) Add missing 'not_furry' tags 395
Patreon Is there Patreon branding or is the website shown? Does it cover part of the image? Is there a URL in the image? 5117
Male Weight Class Which weight class do these character fall under? 100
Character Count Tags (Elder Scrolls) How many characters are present in the scene? 371
Leg Count How many legs does this character have? 3128
Posture Tags what is the character's posture? 613
Mistagged Not-Furry Focus Fix `not_furry_focus` mistags 44
Character Count Tags (MLP) How many characters are present in the scene? 9243
Solo-focus Cleanup Untag 'solo_focus' from solo posts. 5541
Sabertooth (Disambiguation) Should be replaced with a more precise tag 190
Pokemorphs Add missing 'pokémorph` tags 812
Non-furry Add missing 'not_furry' tags 634
Taur Humanoid Mix-up Remove mistagged human/humanoid from taurs. 103
Missing Presenting Subtags Add missing subtag(s) to presenting 387
Anthro Humanoid Mix-up Untag humanoid from anthros 892
Missing Detailed Backgrounds Add the missing 'detailed_background' tags 490
Non-mammalian Balls Project for populating the 'non-mammal_balls' tag 4051
Interspecies Tagging Add 'Interspecies' to posts that are missing it 323
Breast Sizes What is the size of the characters' breasts? 674
Non-Ambiguous Gender The gender is not ambiguous if specific genitalia are present 134
Missing Body Types Which body type do the characters fall under? 2263
Solo Focus Solo focus does not apply if only one character is present 1049
Missing Body Types (Pokemon) Which bodytypes do the characters in the image belong to? 27
Mistagged Disembodied Penetration Which category does this image fall under? 236
Disembodied Erections Is the disembodied penis erect or flacid? 460
Character Genders What are the genders of the characters in the picture? 915
Character Count Tags How many characters are present in the scene? 35180